11+ Free Printable Graph Paper Template’s Online

Graph paper is a paper which is printed by the lines on a sheet of a paper giving it the shape of a grid. It is also known as the coordinate paper, squared or the grid papers due to its structure.

There are the plenty of the purposes which are served by the graph paper such as it used in the educational sector to teach the students about the geometric shapes, or it is also used in the field of engineering to draw and give shape to any innovation. 

You can use the graph both in the context of art and it can also be used to define the coordinates of any place to work as a guide in the airplanes or ships. 

Here in this article, we are going to discuss the various types of the graph paper along with their usages, and then you can also get the template of those defined graph paper. All the templates of these graph papers are printable, and can also be downloaded in the PDF format to serve the required purpose.

Size Guidelines

Size Guidelines

Here are the size guidelines of the available graph paper templates. You can learn about picking up the right size of the graph paper template from here, which will help you to pick up the right size of the graph paper template.

  • Letter Size- The letter size is having the dimensions of 8.5 inches width and the 11 inches height. It is one the most used size for this graph paper. 
  • A4- The A4 size is having the 210/297 mm dimension.
  • 11×17- it is the tabloid size dimension and it is best for the large printout.
  • Legal- The dimension of the legal size graph paper is 8.5 inches width and the 14 inches height. 
  • A3- A3 Graph paper is having the size 420/297mm.
  • A2- A2 Graph Paper has the dimension of 420/594 mm.
  • Poster Size- Poster size graph paper is having 24 inches width and the 36 inches height. 
  • Movie poster- Movie poster is the biggest size of graph paper category with the dimension of 27×41 inches. 

5mm Graph Paper 

5mm Graph Paper 

The 5mm graph paper is the first in our offering list and it basically falls under the “CARETISAN” graphics system paper. On this graph paper, you will find both the vertical and the horizontal lines at a 5mm distance apart. This kind of graph paper you can generally witness to be used in the engineering and the mathematics domains and it generally has the light green color. 

The size of this graph paper is similar to any A4 size paper and in the United States, it was basically designed for the letter size paper. The standard width of this graph paper can be 8.5 inches along with the 11 inches height. 

So, if you need this 5mm graph paper then here we are providing you the option of availing this graph paper. You can either print this paper to take the printout or you can download the PDF version of this graph paper.

Along with that, we have provided the different sizes of this graph paper and each of those sizes is meant to be used for a specific purpose, hence you are required to print or download the desired size as per your purpose.

1/4 Inch Graph Paper

1/4 Inch Graph PaperThis is the other kind of graph paper which differs from the 5mm graph paper only in respect to the size. Here in this 1/4 inch graph paper, the four boxes in together make an inch, and for this reason, it is also known as the quadrille graph paper. In this 1/4 inch graph paper and the 5mm graph paper, the only difference is the size of the boxes which are lesser boxes here. 

Here we are providing you the template of this 1/4 inch graph paper, which you can use in the field of engineering or the mathematics exercises.

There are several sizes in the offering of this graph paper for you, and you can print or download the ideal size for your purpose from here. You can check the sizes options list from the first section of the article

Virtual Online Graph PaperVirtual Online Graph Paper

A virtual online graph paper is the one which has no specified dimension as it is the one such graph paper, which is defined by the user itself. In the virtual graph paper, the user is required to draw the lines in a grid and the user can define the dimension of this kind of graph by themselves. 

Virtual graph papers are often used on the online platforms such as a candidate may be required to take an exam based on the virtual graph paper, where the candidate will be required to solve the mathematics exercises or equation on this virtual graph paper. 

Here we are providing you the template of this virtual online graph paper, and you can get it from here or start your practice by drawing the lines within the grid of this graph paper.

10 Squares Per Inch Graph Paper 

10 Squares Per Inch Graph Paper 

Well, the 10 squares per inch graph paper is suitable for those people who tend to work in inches on the graph paper. Here in this graph 10 squares cover the size of 1 whole inch, which is an even number hence it can be easily managed in your suitable purpose.

You can get the template of this graph paper from here and it is available both in the terms of PDF files and can also be printed. 

Dot Paper Graph 

Dot Paper Graph 

The Dot paper graph is entirely different than the usual graphs since in the regular graphs we tend to see the lines which are used to create the boxes but in the dot paper graph, you won’t see any lines as there are only dots. 

Dot paper graph is also known as the dotted graph and it is basically used in the designing work or also by the gamers to invent the game’s interface. You can get the template of this dot paper graph from here both in the PDF format and also in the printable format. 

1 Centimeter Graph Paper

1 Centimeter Graph Paper

This is a typical graph paper with the only difference of the size of the boxes as in this graph paper you will see the size of boxes with 1 centimeter hence if you are looking for a graph with 1-centimeter size of the boxes then this is an ideal graph paper for you. 

Here is the template of this centimeter graph paper which you can download by choosing the required size ratio both in the PDF format as well as in the printable format.

1/2 Inch Graph Paper



As the names suggest the 1/2 inch graph paper is the one which comes with 1/2 inches sizes of the boxes. This graph is an ideal to work as a two dimensions ruler, and hence if you are someone who is looking for the graph with the boxes of some ample spaces then you can opt for the 1/2 inch graph paper. 

The template of this graph paper can be obtained from here by picking up the desired size option as we have provided the various sizes options for the template. You can see the size guidelines from the beginning section of this article. 

One Inch Graph Paper 

1" One Inch Graph Paper 

When it comes to the graph paper then the graph with 1-inch size boxes is considered to be among the large boxes sizes category. This graph is having the 1-inch sizes of the boxes inside it, and can be used best in the work of measurement or you can also use this graph paper to teach the kids using the graph in a more clear and easy way. 

Here we have provided the option of downloading this graph paper in the various sizes options. You can choose the desired size and then can download the template easily. 

Isometric Graph Paper 

Isometric Graph Paper 

The isometric graph paper is best for those people who want to draw the three dimensional figures which covers all the three aspects of the length, width and height.

You can serve such purpose by using the isometric graph paper and it is best used in the domain of architectural or for drawing the sketches and drafting the plans. 

You can get the template of this isometric graph from here with the choice of color and the size options. We have provided the size guides at the beginning of the article. 

Polar Graph Paper 

Polar Graph Paper 

The polar graph paper is used to represent the location or in other words, the polar graph paper is the one on which the location of any place is drawn. This kind of graph can be easily noticed in the radar of any ship, where it used as a GPS to navigate through any place be it the ocean, land or the air surface. 

In this graph, you will see the grid with the horizontals and the vertical lines which represents the coordinates of the specified place. 

The template of the polar graph paper can be downloaded from here in the Polar Graph PDF format or you can also print the template by being specific with the size and the color of the graph paper.